Sunday, September 8, 2019

Signal Boost: SGT Report

SGT Report has been on the ball this past week and change. These videos alone should have you rushing to subscribe to him on every channel he's got an account for.

The Han are not our friends. At best, they're rivals to Empire's current favored Thralls, but they are paper tigers and not the world-crushing threat they want to be.

Google and company are not our friends either. They are eager Thralls to Empire.

As some learned the other day in another context, don't count on the courts.

Yes, he pitches products and services; this is his business, and he's got bills to pay. He's upfront and honest about it, something that the news media establishment still will not do, which makes him miles more ethical than the Thralls' best day.

He's another guy who's been walking through Crazytown for over a decade, so expect him to do videos about gold and hidden history and all that stuff, but nonetheless he's been a relentless seeker of the good, the beautiful, and the true and that's enough for me.

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