Sunday, September 15, 2019

Narrative Warfare: The Matrix Ain't That Allegorical

I read Anonymous Conservative daily. You should too. His daily News Brief posts are better news feeds than anything else, and just as worrisome at times. This is one of the less-disturbing items from today's post.

Democrats frown on targeting gang databases with ‘red flag’ laws. I’ve said street gangs were protected under Obama. Why would Democrats ever, ever try to get in the way of disarming gangs, if they support disarming law abiding citizens? Those gangs are recruited, ground-level muscle for the conspiracy, and like everyone else in the Secret Society, the Political leaders know the secret and somehow keep it from everyone who is on the outside as they carry out their orders.

The more you dig into how this world actually works, the more Occam's Razor cuts away from incompetence and coincidence and towards conspiracy and malevolence. This is the part where you need to be competent-but-malevolent, because you need to be able to foresee the consequence of putting such rules on the books and actively enforcing them against target populations while shielding favored criminals from those same rules. While some of the public-facing elements can be incompetent, the shot-callers are not and know full well that what they are doing constitutes Treason and Sedition; they are fully aware of their 6th Column status in throwing open the gates to the barbarians and allowing them to massacre the people they are supposed to serve.

That's because they don't truly serve those people. They serve Empire, and Empire demands blood and souls be fed to it OR ELSE. It's human sacrifice disguised as criminality, and that's why all means are taken first to demonize the very idea of self-defense and then to punish those who do so anyway, using known principles of human interaction as both the sacrificial knife and as the veil to conceal their Satanic intent. No need to wear robes and wield a knife when you can just import savage aliens and let them slaughter the locals for you while you remain secure behind tall walls in enclaves where only your own are present.

Again, this is the lesser end of the items today. The attack on the Saudi oil fields, likely by Iran via its Houthi proxies, are far more worrisome. The abortion revelations keep getting worse, as do the ties between LBGBBQ Crew and the Pedo Networks. The takeaway is this: The official version of events is always wrong, and almost always a deliberate lie. This doesn't stop with government and Establishment narratives on current events. What is remarkable is how things formerly confined to Crazytown are now finally breaking through into the mainstream, and that's something we can--and should--attribute to the Ascension of the God-Emperor.

Something big is coming. Something Empire doesn't want to come out. We can only hope this is, at long last, the beginning of the end of Empire and we'll see it fall.

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