Sunday, October 6, 2019

Narrative Warfare: The Magic of Inversion

Yesterday, Twitter user Moo Moo Cow posted this thread (starting here):

He doesn't waste time getting to the point.

The rest is examples illustrating the point here.

What is that point? Inversion works by gaslighting the target into believing the opposite of the truth using Rhetoric focused upon a target's weakness in his psychological makeup. This is difficult to do normally, but not after you purposely traumatize them, which is why he brings up the Holocaust repeatedly. That's when the anti-White inversion magic began in earnest, targeting Germans first and spreading out over the following generations as Gramasci's disciplines marked through the institutions of the West and inverted everything via Critical Theory.

Those following generations followed the same pattern. Inflict a deliberate trauma, track the weakness in a population's psyche that it inflicts, target your Rhetoric to focus upon that weakness, and cast your Inversion spells once you hook that target. Assess those who resist your magic; co-opt the corruptible and marginalize/destroy the rest. This is observable in hindsight, seeing it play out in review, but until you do you won't be able to resist it successfully in real time.

And as success so often seeds its future failure, so did the magicians get lazy. The way to fail with this strategy is to not create the win-condition ahead of time, but just assume you've got it. That's how #Gamergate became the first successful resistance against the Inversion. Once one group collectively breaks the spell, the enchantment is weakened across the board and a threat--now manifest--arises to destroy it.

You're looking at that threat: the accurate assessment of what was done and how it works being disseminated far and wide to others.

As with all magic, once you know how the illusionist--and that's what this is, an illusion--does his trick it stops working and you learn how to defend against it. The hard part here is now to systematically disenchant those affected, breaking the glamor bewitching them, and taking those responsible down for good so it doesn't happen again.

Why does this matter?

Because the Thralls of Empire rely upon it to counter their crippling weakness of number; they know that if they're exposed, they're dead. They have to hide until they can throw open the gates and let the Vermintide sweep through to destroy their enemies for them. Wererats, you might think of them; rats capable of hiding as men.

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