Sunday, November 17, 2019

Narrative Warfare: The Devil Mouse Has Pedos On Top

The Supreme Dark Lord, Vox Day, noted the following today at his blog:

A former Disney executive has been convicted of sexually abusing a 7-year-old girl. The Oregonian/OregonLive reports 73-year-old Michael Laney was convicted Tuesday of four counts of first-degree sexual abuse after a six-day trial.

Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Benjamin Souede acquitted Laney of three counts of rape and three counts of sex abuse.

Court documents say Laney began abusing the victim in 2009 and there were multiple incidents of abuse spanning about two years.

The child initially reported the abuse in 2017 in Washington, where she lived at the time.

Another person reported that Laney had sexually abused her in 2007 when she lived in Portland, but the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office said the court couldn’t find sufficient evidence to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.

As the SDL notes, the "former" executive was employed by the Devil Mouse when he allegedly engaged in this predatory activity. "Former" is pure PR damage control.

This case threatens to expose what many of us suspect: that the child sex network ties to Epstein were at the top, have been for years, and were institutionalized all the way down. (Disney cruises stopped at Epstein's island.) I would hope that Anonymous Conservative has eyes on it, as this is right on his Secret Society/Cabal beat as it showcases how r/K Theory actually works in practice.

And it means that the Devil Mouse needs some positive PR to distract attention, which is why I think their shills aren't getting so widely promoted despite whining about the new videogame and TV series in pursuit of previously-issued directives; the two things are not-terrible, which is a win for the Mouse, and the Mouse needs those wins right now because the next Star Wars movie is going to be a massive clusterfuck of Death Cult crap married at the barrel of a shotgun to an incompetently written and executed story.

And when something like the Mouse is mired in the suck, actual criminality has far more of a chance to (a) get broad coverage and (b) be taken seriously by a wider audience due to an existing disinclination against the Mouse biasing media reports in a manner said Mouse would otherwise not have to worry about.

Therefore I have to echo the SDL's admonition: do not give your money to the Devil Mouse at all. No movies, no TV, no games, no theme parks, no cruises, no hotels- Nothing at all. If you want the merch, buy it used or not at all; watch online via your friends the Straw Hats if you must watch at all, but depending upon the specific thing you may be better off doing without entirely.

This here is proof that the Thralls of Empire serve a rapacious vampiric master, one that demands sacrifice of blood and bone and rewards those who with power and privilege. This is literally Satanic. Empire must fall, and Epstein did not kill himself.

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