Sunday, November 10, 2019

Narrative Warfare: Why Big Tech Censors

This Tweet thread illustrates what is at stake in the United States if the God-Emperor fails in his mission.

While the Groypers continue their insurgency against Cuckservative Inc., and they are right to do so, let's not forget what's going on out there in the field. The illegals and other hostile aliens, foreigners, and traitors are continuing their push to flip things via demographics as they have in Virginia so they can immediately implement totalitarian regimes (e.g. gun control) as they are in Virginia. These Tweets illustrate the day-to-day difficulties these outsiders who don't belong here bring, especially when they're here illegally or are tied to criminal activities such as smuggling.

And they don't give two shits about the American nation or our culture.

The failure of the media and officials to bring attention to what those Tweets show is no accident at all. It is intended; it is meant to humiliate the locals and isolate them from possible aid from elsewhere, which is also why social media corporations are deliberately censoring nationalist media content (such as that above) because that's how what's really going on gets around mainstream media blackouts. The ongoing lockdowns are attempts to stop this; they want the Narrative control back, and they think they've got enough of the population within their digital ecosystem to begin exerting censorial control like this.

I don't think that's the case. Just enough alternatives exist down, now including payment processors, to defeat deplatforming attempts. The consequence, however, is that the One Network vision assumed to be locked in as late as 2010 is going to go the way of the dodo. In terms of technical infrastructure, for now, that is true; for everything else, there will be at least two parallel networks going forward- one for Globohomo, Empire and its Thralls, and one for the rest of us. And that "rest of us" will diverge further as things like the Great Firewall become more commonly done to change the global Internet into a patchwork of country-specific or region-specific networks, especially once Virtual Priviate Networks are either outlawed or technologically defeated.

But that decentralization will be worth it in the long run to ensure that Big Tech can't ever stop the signal. Empire Must Fall.

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