Sunday, February 9, 2020

They're Telling You How To Defeat Them

Friend of the blog Beige Shiba posted an insightful Twitter thread last night. It starts here.

The rest of the thread is as follows:

They start with a similar premise - there is the reasonable person, and the unreasonable person (both as the author of the comic defines such) and they end in very differing ways.

In a left leaning strawman comic, the unreasonable person demonstrates their unreasonableness and the reasonable person retaliates in a cathartic outburst of violence, the most raw and naked expression of power, with the implication they will be free of consequences for doing so.

In a right leaning strawman comic, the unreasonable person demonstrates their unreasonableness and the reasonable person demonstrates they are in possession of the truth, which the unreasonable person then rejects and immediately suffers self destructive karmic justice for.

People on the right often complain and mock the left wing strawman comics for not being funny, failing to understand the difference in worldview, particularly how the left and the right perceive justice to work.

The left, being mostly doctrinaire materialists, consider justice to be a thing which must be administered by temporal power. They consider someone suffering consequences for mocking of temporal power, which they regard as sacred if their guys are holding it, to be amusing.

The right, conversely, regard justice as fundamentally being something that is ultimately in the hands of some spiritual force, typically a deity. They consider someone suffering consequences for mocking of transcendent and sacred spiritual forces, to be amusing.

This is what adherence to The Myth of the Absent Throne looks like in practice. Shiba's explanation of the Left's perspective shows what happens when you believe the throne is absent and therefore Everything Goes. In their projection they also reveal what they believe an occupied throne would look like: a brutal, petty and bloodthirsty despot and tyrant ready and willing to slaughter without hesitation at the slightest provocation.

What does this tell you? They hate and fear their Father.

It also explains why they react so strongly against displays of confident manhood; it's a reflection of the Father, whom they fear and hate. Yes, this includes the God-Emperor. Yes, this includes Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson. Yes, this includes even events that otherwise were failures or mixed bags at best such as the tiki march at Charlottesville.


Look at what sets them off: a man, firm in his frame, standing tall and telling them "No." It reminds them of their fathers enforcing boundaries of behavior, and often then enforcing them with significant--even severe--punishment. A man, again firm in his frame, laughing at them and mocking them dismissively reminds them of every time their fathers put down their pretensions and put them back into line. Women clearly and obviously wanting to be around such men, to be part of their lives as wives and mothers to their children.

This hatred of a life spent on something other than themselves is abhorrent to them. They show this by their behavior. They fear that if they ever lose power to a true and proper patriarch, then they will all be seized and subjugated into submission- not death, submission; they reveal this in how they wield power when they've got it. They would rather die than give in, as they see submission as the supreme humiliation ritual meant to break them and render them suitable for the yoke.

Friends, they are telling you how to beat them. Take the hint, and tune your rhetoric accordingly. Empire must fall, and that starts with its Thralls.


  1. Bradford

    How exactly would you tailor the rhetorical message of submission?
    I'm struck by the deviant sexual connection the SJWs attach to the word.
    Regular people view submission as subordinatation to rightful authority.


    1. They are possessed by the spirit of rebellion. Submission means not only their personal admission of being wrong, but it means that The Enemy they serve was wrong to rebel against God.

      It's all fractal.