Sunday, December 12, 2021

When They Learn To Game The Enemy's Narrative Attacks

Readers of this blog are well aware that all mainstream media in the West is nothing more than Globohomo propaganda. Readers here are, by and large, also aware that state media in West Taiwan is also propaganda.

Let me finish the cycle: state/mainstream media across the globe is propaganda. This include India'a WION, Russia's RT, and more.

The value, therefore, of these outlets is to read Narrative Warfare beats. Since these are mouthpieces for power players, no different than Variety is a mouthpiece for the Hellmouth's studios, a savvy man learns to appreciate the value of these mouthpieces for their actual functions.

I guarantee you that this is how competent institutional players see these media outlets, regardless of what they turn around and say on those same outlets. It's a bothersome and tedious task to filter every last article you read, every video you watch, and every radio report you hear through the Narrative Warfare filter but the consequence is to get caught out of position when Empire's Thralls make a move telegraphed before the fact by those same things.

For those familiar with the idea, this is how--most often--Empire obeys the law of telling its targets what they are going to do before they do it (i.e. calling their shots). (It's a bit more complex than that, but that gets into Crazytown and I'll leave that for another post.) It's nothing more than seeing what bullshit excuse they think they can get away with, using these media pieces as A/B tests, and running with what seems to work.

That means it can be gamed.

That means that we ought to be gaming this for our advantage, because once you can see what the game is then you can predict possible actions and thereby choose the outcome you want.

I have reason to believe that this is indeed happening, as smarter and savvier dissidents are recognizing Narrative Warfare for what it is and have adapted their strategies to better wage it. Some of this is better optics. A lot of this is better Rhetoric. All of it is better organization at all levels; tactical, strategic, logistical- and the last means parallel economies that reduce (and in time eliminate) reliance on Empire's chokepoints.

Gab's been open about being part of that parallel economy. Telegram's been good to date on allowing dissidents to communicate. We still need to see alternative payment processors and financial institutions (get a credit union going, at the least). This will, of necessity, require participation in things Empire's Thralls don't want done; transit that Empire doesn't control, medical provision Empire doesn't monitor, education Empire has no say in, etc.

And thanks to the inability of the Thralls to keep their mouths shut, they reliably give away their moves in their own media outlets; that's what I mean about gaming this for our advantage. The new cohort of dissidents groks Operational Security better than the Trump cohort did; the nationalists failed, so the ultras are coming up now, and they are going to play for keeps.

Empire is falling. What is being decided now is what comes after that.

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