Sunday, December 26, 2021

On This Boxing Day, Remember To Return Your Despair To The Frauds That Sell It

While today is Boxing Day, it is still Christmas Weekend so I'm going to be doing real-life socializing. Therefore, after celebrating the birth of Our Lord and Savior, remember this and--regardless of all the bullshit surrounding it--take heart that a handful of ordinary people refused to succumb to fear and despair when put to the test and let justice be done despite Empire and its Thralls crying for innocent blood.

No, it won't get better next year. Empire refuses to concede defeat; it will only double-down, as it has recently by scaring another jury into a wrongful verdict. But we are not to give heed to such wicked spirits, and instead to stand fast to that which is good, beautiful, and true.

But its time is finite. The only question to entertain is "What will remain when this tyranny collapses?" because it will collapse, because it must collapse. We need only ensure that we don't go with it. Empire falls.

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