Sunday, June 12, 2022

Culture War Criminal On The System Pigs Holding The Line

Taken verbatim from his Telegram channel:

When you turn on your television this summer, you will see mobs of Blacks burning cities, hordes of South Americans pouring across the southern border, and sexual deviants indoctrinating children.

You'll grit your teeth and mutter under your breath, "why won't somebody do something?" but you already know the answer— the police.

Everybody is afraid to defend their cities, stop the migrant caravans, or break up a "Pride" parade because they know full well the cops will arrest you. No resistance is possible when the police arrest everybody trying to save their country.

Anybody still rocking "Thin Blue Line" merchandise at this point is an idiot. I don't care about your grandpa who was a cop in the 1960s. We live under a government that wants our values destroyed, there should be no love in our hearts for the people who enforce it.

Antifa and BLM are pawns of the elite, and distractions from the real enemy: traitors in positions of power spreading subversion and codifying it into law.


To add to the point, the sheriff that's been detaining and arresting several individual and groups of protestors was trained by Mossad.

After 9/11 Bob was selected out of hundreds of sheriff candidates to lead a special team at the newly created Joint Regional Intelligence Center (JRIC) to combat terrorism in the United States. Bob held a Top Secret SCI and was responsible for managing personnel and resources from local, state, and federal agencies like the FBI, CIA and US Attorney’s Office. Bob’s work also brought him international exposure when he was selected to train in Israel with Mossad (the CIA equivalent) and Shin Bet (FBI equivalent) in the war on terror.

Because the system of control is mission-critical to Empire, Thralls will be installed by any means necessary all the way down.

The framing various by the dissidents involved--CWC, being an ex-America First guy, leans Civic Nationalist; Eric Striker is a proper Nationalist--but the conflict remains those aligned to Empire and those opposed. Empire is Babel, is Satanic, and ultimately seeks to prove God wrong by inducing Man to ruin all Creation.

Past a given point, there is no peaceful method to rectify the error and repair the damage. We passed that point years ago. The Thralls know this; they are preparing the future battlefield now.

It is no coincidence--there never is in politics--that the Ukraine War coincided with the onset of catastrophic destruction of the real and the financial economies of the West, of what formerly was Christendom. While those in charge of the war certain are genuinely hostile to Russia, do not forget that they are also geniunely hostile to the nations of the West and to Christianity; if they cannot get Russia, then it is acceptable--if not preferable--to use the failure against Russia to faciliate their plans against the Western nations and accelerate that desired destruction and humiliation.

That, folks, is what CWC and others in the Dissident Right are (correctly) concerned about.

However, we have another problem: the ongoing demoralization of that same sector, with a combination of genuine false opposition scams and the spreading of demoralizing memes to discourage authentic organizing into geniune real opposition organizations.

In short, we have a "He's a Fed" problem.

While most well known in the United States, every Western state has this problem. Because, again, control is a mission-critical affair the Thralls of Empire really do want to usurp any opposition that could form against them; the easiest way to do it is to create and control these things themselves.

It's been done often enough to, again, become a meme. "They're fit, disciplined, and seem to be effective? Feds."

I want you to think about what that implies: that geniune and effective opposition is done by unconnected, undisciplined, lone wolf individuals that--at most--have some form of Stand-Alone Complex going for them. This is a complete and total fantasy.

No one said that opposing Empire is quick, easy, or doesn't involve putting in work. Nor did anyone say it was without serious risk. Yet that is often implied with these Fed memes that permeate the space, especially when compared to the pro-Thrall "counterparts" such as Antifa.

Quoting myself from another private conversation on a cultural topic: "The enemy works as a well-coordinated and disciplined team, against which they can--and have--rolled over opposition that lacks either despite being far inferior in numbers or distribution. Either you do like the Romans and shamelessly copy and refine effective enemy techniques, or you find how to break the conditions that make their methods practical options and pursue that relentlessly."

Leave it to Hollywood to show you this in visceral detail:

Get over your Fed meme demoralization. Being terminally online is useless; the real action is in realspace. You're going to have to organize, form a team, and work as such to build anything of note and resist such relentless and determined opposition no matter if you copy the enemy or change the battlespace to render his methods useless. You will have to accept that you're going to take casualties, that you must master tradecraft, and that you're going to have do things you'd rather not if you want to win- because Empire certainly will do what it takes to win because winning is literally survival for something so antithetical to God.

The system pigs are the first of many early difficulties to contend with, and as things get worse--and they will--you'll find your array of viable courses of action shrinking as much due to enemy manuevers as to organic constraints. If you are not a hard man now, you will be if you want to win. Yes, Empire falls, but that doesn't mean that you'll be there to celebrate it; that, folks, you have to earn.

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  1. I mean, I don't think this is new insight, but it's very clear to me that "fit, disciplined, and seem to be effective" are not the criteria that the CIA and increasingly the FBI are using for hiring these days.

    They want people who are easy to control with minimal effort. It's why the CIA will hire from groups as diametrically opposed as Conservative Mormons and SJW Radlibs, they're easy to control. Methinks the FBI are relying more on "Good boy, I only follow orders" style cops as their main recruitment base.