Sunday, June 19, 2022

Sharing My Ukraine War Media Sources & Commentary Therefrom

These are the channels that I've cultivated for getting reliable news and views on the Ukraine War.

  • The Duran, and the individual channels of its hosts: Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris. Mostly geopolitics and anaylsis, with some guests brought on to discuss specific things.
  • The Dreizin Report, much the same w/o the guests or multiple hosts. Also runs a blog, which is the actual core of the operation.
  • iEarlGrey, an English expatriate living in St. Petersberg, Russia.
  • Military Summary, a channel that gives daily updates using Russian and Ukrainian sources to update the maps.
  • Gonzolo Lira, still living in Kharkov due to his legal issues with the falling Zelensky regime and his family hiding apart from him.

I try to avoid outlets that shill a party line. This is why I don't list Redacted, TLDR News, Richard Medhurst, George Gallaway, and several others as they are aligned with Globohomo, CCP, or Russian influence operations and are promoted accordingly. If you want to know the Official Story from any of those three, you known where to look: mainstream media in the West, all allowed media in China, RT in Russia, etc.

The other thing I find interesting is that Globohomo's media narratives constantly push this line that Russia is failing because (a) the Russians are not fighting like the US and NATO does and (b) they are not conforming to some bullshit timetable that no one told the Russians they had to conform to. Really? This isn't the Cold War; you can pick up a phone and fucking call them.

But that's not the point now, is it? This is Narrative Warfare. The narrative is to promote Russian incompetence and failure due to non-conformity to expectations that are (a) completely made up bullshit, (b) based upon preconceptions regarding the operations that have no basis in reality, and (c) use this media illusion to dissuade dissent while using the war to loot Western treasures and populations (all those weapons need to be replaced, and the "aid" is just going right back into elite bank accounts).

The illusion is not reality. Yes, Russia is taking longer than many in the West expected to win, but they are winning, and handedly so. The media narratives can't keep up the bullshit forever, and you're seeing them start to pivot by (a) blacking out Ukraine more and more from the news and (b) changing the Rhetoric on the matter. Those two things are not as complimentary as they seem; the less insane Thralls of Empire see the reality for what it is and want to cut losses, while the rabidly anti Russian clique that's currently running the show just want to double-down- up to and including full-scale escalataion to World War 3, if that's what it takes to win.

The Europeans are the ones going to get fucked hard by this war due to the effects of the sanctions on the commodities that European countries require to remain functional being Russian or Ukrainian in origin, and not just from the loss of those commodities directly but also from the second and third-order effects therefrom (like yet another way of African invaders being invited in by the regimes that run Europe and hate Europeans due to famine).

But unlike a lot of observors, I don't think this will break Globohomo as it is still based in North America and thus can insulate itself from the Doloros Stroke coming to Europe. What it can and will do is break Europe, after which Globohomo can pretend to be magnanimous by reenacting post World War 2 reconstruction; this will be the political cover for reindustrializing North America, resetting Western finances, and further centralizing state power into superstate institutions- but no longer anchored in Europe whatsoever.

On this I agree with Vox Day's "Great Bifurcation", but not on it being China/West. No, it will be Russia/Western; this is because mainland China is no different in function or aims than Globohomo, only in the means and the Rhetoric, and as recent events show it is just as economically and politically fragile as Globohomo (as one ought to expect; same inputs, same outputs) and it is in a weaker position overall than the West and can collapse at anytime- and you'll know it when the CCP moves on Taiwan.

Finally, I reiterate the following: Russia is not going to save the West, and it's not going to rule the world. Putin is restoring the old Imperial sphere and nothing more. It may be a dominant power, but it will not be World Hegemon and it will not permit anyone else to become so. Empire is falling. What comes next is up to us.

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