Sunday, July 24, 2022

Narrative Warfare: The Roundtable That Ruins Narratives

Gonzolo Lira hasn't let his encounter with Ukraine's state security sour his mood. Recently he started hosting roundtable livestreams on his current YouTube channel. The fourth went down earlier today, and he's had the hosts of The Duran (Alexander Mercouris and Alex Christoforou), Pepe Escobar, Andrei Martyanov, iEarlGrey, Armchair Warlord, and others that gainsay--correctly--the Globohomo narrative on Ukraine and Russia.

That's a lot of good discussion on Ukraine, Russia, and the shifting sands of the geopolitical world order. The only dissent I offer is that China will not be able to replace the West as Metropole, and will struggle to maintain itself as a regional power, due to internal economic collapse and the political infighting that is part-and-parcel of it within the Chinese Communist Party. (This is documented by ADV China, Lei's Real Talk, and similar China watcher channels extensively and thus indepenently confirmed repeatedly.)

If you're pressed for time, play these at 2x Speed; you'll not lose anything for doing so, especially if you're listening and not reading the Chat Replay. Lira's doing good work here, and his next roundtable promises to be as good as these four, so I'm looking forward to it and so should you.

This is all it takes to circumvent Globohomo censorship these days. A stable Internet connection, some form of VOIP software--Discord, Zoom, etc.--and a platform to livestream from will be enough. No need for expensive studios, production teams, or any of that mainstream media infrastructure. Take advantage of this now, while you can, and as you are able; this is subsidiarity in action, and things like this will--bit by bit--is how Empire falls.

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