Sunday, July 17, 2022

Narrative Warfare: When The Enemy Confirms That You Identified Them

This is confirmation that they are indeed in the practice of grooming vulnerable people, children in particular, to be sacrificed to predators.

This is Confirmation By Official Denial, where we can see that Empire's Thralls use Inversion to confirm what is true in a manner that normal people who are not initiated into their esoteric ways will miss, and yet because those Normies do not rebut or object that is taken as tactic acceptance that their version of reality is true and thus binding.

All this is to remind you that the janitors of Reddit are the runts, the snotlings, the goblins, of the Death Cult rat horde. They are pathetic and weak on their own, and only become dangerous when yoked to a superior will and acting as a mob.

They are child predators. This move confirms it. They have told you what works. Exploit this. Empire falls.

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