Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Freedentity: Life in the Transnational Republic (from BoilingFrogsPost)

This is James Corbett's latest report for Boiling Frogs Post's Eyeopener Report. The video below is an abbreviated sample of the full report, which is behind the paywall for at least three weeks. (If you want to see it sooner than that, buy a subscription or wait for someone who has one to download the full report and re-upload it somewhere.)

Description: Our identities are increasingly taking the form of 'things' separate from ourselves: passports, IP addresses, customer loyalty cards. As long as we continue to allow outside entities to control, define and distribute these tokens of identity, we yield to outside agents the power over our personhood itself. Join us this week on the Eyeopener report as we explore the concept of "freedentity" and look at how activists are using innovative methods to undermine corporate and political attempts to control our identity.

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