Tuesday, November 26, 2013

There Is No Such Thing As "Crony Capitalism"

Anarcho-Capitalists and their Libertarian counterparts push, as an axiom of their paradigm, that there is such a thing as "pure capitalism" and therefore the "crony capitalism" we see all over the world today--this increasingly globalized corporatist prison planet--is an aberration that must be destroyed so the purity of true capitalism can be witnessed for all and sundry.

As my cousins across the pond would say, "BOLLOCKS!"

Peter Joseph said it best when he clashed with Stefan Molyneux: The Anarcho-Capitalist/Libertarian "Free Market" set are willfully blind to differential advantage, and therefore are dishonest in their defenses of the market and Capitalism because they refuse to address this very real emergent property of their paradigm as it actually works in the real world.

The capitalist assumes, as an axiom, that competition between rivals and enemies is ultimately beneficial for all Mankind because this competition in the marketplace--the "free market"--for the attention, and therefore the custom, of others forces capitalist enterprises to innovate their way into superior efficiencies at every point of their operation or they will be beaten out of existence by those same rivals and enemies. As this is the way that one's means to survive and thrive are gotten, this puts the weight of existential threat behind one's efforts in the marketplace. Therefore, it is inevitable that one will seek out and hold on to any possible difference that grants an advantage to you while denying the same to your rivals and enemies. Failure to do so will destroy you.

When the stakes reach the level of an existential threat, Fight Or Flight thinking cuts into the OODA Loop, and rivals quickly transition into a hit list of enemies that must be annihilated as security threats. The obsession with seeking differential advantage, and denying it to others, quickly translates into "If I am the only option, then why not destroy my enemies?" and that translates into committing violence upon those same others. This is where the capitalist marriage to the State arises.

Gangsterism is the origin of all government, and capitalism--because of differential advantage--inevitably leads to gangsterism; if there is no State, or it is in the hands of enemies, the capitalist will create one the old fashioned way (as the Mexican cartels are now). Otherwise it will align itself with the State, trading support in exchange for State intervention in the capitalist's favor; the need for differential advantage compels the capitalist to use the violence of the State as a proxy for its own gangsterism, wielding the State's power to destroy enemies and create advantages for itself that a rival cannot handle without also attempting to buy favors from the State. The State and the Capitalist are compelled into this marriage. This is why "crony capitalism" is NOT an aberration; it is, instead, the fully mature state of the capitalist paradigm- Fascism and Inverted Totalitarianism are the Endgame Stage of Capitalism, making Anarchy impossible.

This is why no amount of economic reform will bring about the structural changes necessary to be compatible with Natural Law. The Anarcho-Capitalists and their friends are deluding themselves if they think that their way is NOT going to destroy them in the end, which is why I cannot stand with them and instead go with the Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project as more practical alternatives; the An-Caps are Patsies for Empire, and so are their Libertarian counterparts, making them allies only to a given point past which they become counter-productive to Man's freedom. No amount of crying "voluntarism" can fix this fatal flaw, and so I brush aside the black-and-yellow An-Cap banner in favor of something better and for now am just another Anarchist In Black. (Because I'm not that keen on the An-Coms or the An-Socs either.)

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