Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Wheel Needs No Reinvention: A Defense of Curation

I'm rather annoyed with the idea that a valid blogger is one that treats the medium as if it were an online newspaper column. Nonsense. I greatly value the power of the Internet to link together disparate elements as the user sees fit, and rather than waste my time writing posts about topics that others already addressed to my satisfaction I would be better served--and, therefore you also--linking to that post and giving you (if I see it necessary) some contextual information regarding what I'm linking to or why I'm doing so. While this does mean that most of my posts are more about curation than writing original content, curation itself is a valuable thing; it allows a discerning mind, following certain guidelines, to bridge speakers to audiences in ways that neither party previously considered.

It is my hope that the individuals I bring to your attention sufficiently engage your interest that you, as I did previously, seek out their online sites and follow them on Twitter/subscribe to their YouTube (Vimeo, etc.) channels/like their Facebook pages/bookmark their websites and so on so that you need not rely on me consistently posting links to their stuff. I'm interested in digging through the Internet and presenting what I find to others, amongst other things, and it takes time to properly process what I find; posting links, in addition to cutting out middlemen, allows me to share what I find while I process what I learn.

So expect me to post more podcasts, interviews, reviews, etc. between my original works. Furthermore, if you have something that you want me to check out link to in a comment. The Internet works best when done in this fashion- and we need no authority to tell us what to do or how to do it. Connecting to one another directly, without institutions or other rent-seekers interfering, is part of what will make Empire fall.

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