Sunday, July 20, 2014

Max Igan is Mad About Gaza.

The following week of curated posts focus upon Max Igan and his pursuit of what is going on in Palestine, specifically Gaza, and why it exposes the Israeli government as being little more than a macro-level example of the abused becoming the abuser. While there are some online who take this as an opportunity to spew forth the Jew-hate, they are misguided; the problem is not Jews or Judaism, but Zionism--a completely separate and distinct ideology, created in the 19th century, which parasitically rides Judaism as well as Christianity to its own benefit; it is a manifestation of Empire--and it is this toxic fraud of an ideology that threatens to kill and kill and kill to feed itself until both Palestinians and Jews are utterly extinct.

Israel's contemporary history is itself the result of fraud, starting with 19th century talks by Zionists of a return that took on substance during the 1st World War with the Sykes-Pico Agreement that created the provisions needed to prepare for the post-WW2 creation of Israel in 1948 when the British Mandate over Palestine became Israel. In the West, especially the US, Israeli agents (formal and otherwise) work to obscure its history, maintain political and social influence amongst its backers, and otherwise be a less-than-honest actor in the world.

So yes, I am no friend of the government of Israel; it is the engine of an Apartheid state even worse than South Africa, and its actions against the Palestinians since the beginning is abhorrent and inhumane. It has no right to exist, and should not exist; if it ceased to exist, world peace would be improved. It's is one of Empire's workshops, and it must fall for the good of all Mankind.

So, I ask that you take the time over the coming week to listen to the interviews and conversations that Max has regarding Israel and Gaza- and remember that much of this applies also to other contexts here and now.

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