Sunday, July 27, 2014

Storm Clouds Gathering, MH17, and You

Need a break from Gaza stuff? I would think so by now. (Don't worry; Max on Gaza will appear again this coming week.)

Our friends over at Storm Clouds Gathering released a video on Malaysia Airlines' MH17 today. It's very timely information, so I'm letting them take the stage today. Below I'm embedding the video and then putting a link to their transcription of the video script (which has links to their sources), but--quoting them--this is why I'm doing it:

"This video is particular in that it has many layers of information. This layering was necessary to accommodate details we received while in the later stages. To fully understand it you will need to watch it more than once and pause at several points. The video however did not have room for other sources, video clips and commentary which we have included in the written transcript, so you will need to visit the written version as well if you want to see the full picture.

Initially we considered doing a full analysis of the various theories and debunking those that were false, but in the end we realized that there is far too much disinfo to cover it within a reasonable time frame (the video is already over 14 minutes long). Instead we will deal with those theories in a dedicated article later."

That's a level of dedication to discipline and integrity that is not as commonplace as it ought to be, which is why I favor them and include their stuff whenever I can. Watch the video, and then read the transcript. You'll be better for it.

The transcript is here.

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