Sunday, July 13, 2014

No Lasting Change Comes Without Paying a Price

Last weekend I attended a local convention--CONvergence--as I have for most of its 16 years running. I did so in large part to that convention being the nexus where a lot of friends I've made over the years come together, allowing us to keep in touch by sharing real time together (instead of social media posts). It's one of the largest fan-owned, fan-run, general-interest fan conventions in North America; over 6000, all of them members of the convention community, are in one big hotel for a long weekend.

So, what does this mean for Empires?

Well, one of those that regularly attends--and this year was (at last) a Guest of Honor--is a good and long-time friend of mine, the novelist and fantasist Scott Lynch. Despite being quite busy, as is usually the case (on between a dozen and a score of panels, book signings, etc.), he made time at the end of the convention to sit down and have lunch with me in the hotel bar. We talked about a fantasy novel I've had in the works since January, and the feedback--which he, as a working and successful novelist, I value greatly--he gave during our somewhat unfocused conversation was enough to fill in the blanks that I needed, coupled with an offer to read what I have ready when it's ready.

Well, never wanting to let a good friend down, that got my ass in gear. However, there is only so much time in a day and only so much attention I can give at any time. The bottom line is this: the readership for this 'blog, of the three that I maintain right now, is the lowest and has the shallowest scale and scope. If I must shut one or more 'blogs down to make time for this novel, then Empires is first to go. It is disappointing, to a certain extent, but the analytics make it clear that this move would be the least painful.

If this is to happen, I will make it known on the final post so you few that do read are not left hanging, and I will instead find another avenue to satisfy the need that this 'blog fulfills. All things that begin must end, and many end without warning at all; those who end with some warning to that fact are the lucky, and I daresay blessed, for it. This includes Empires; such is the way of all things. That doesn't meant that I cease to seek Empire's fall, or that I wish you to cease seeking it; find another way, as I am now, and we'll cross paths again somewhere down the road.

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