Sunday, November 20, 2016

(Razorfist) ELECTION Rant: Razör Explains The God Emperor's Ascent

If you don't know who Razorfist, play the video. He explains himself, especially with regards to this topic, before he gets started. That's why I'm posting this video of his here on the political philosophy blog.

Where it gets good is when he takes the glasses off and uses the indoor voice, coming out of his persona to speak man-to-man with you. That's the best part of this video because it's where he addresses the Hoaxing Media that lied to all of us, all the time, about everything other than the weather and thereby giving us garbage information to work with (knowing that garbage results follow).

In short, gaslighting. This was never more obvious than when CNN got on the air to tell us--in one of the most bald-faced lies ever told--that they could read the emails released by Wikileaks, but we couldn't and committed Federal offenses by doing so.

That was also the incident where they flat out told us that they dictated what was news, and we just had to take their word for it. (Hence the narrative warfare attack on "fake news" meant to prop up their propaganda cartel.) Gaslighting is a reliable sign of an abuser targeting a victim for mind control. Yes, mind control; if someone other than you controls what information you receive, then control what you think because you cannot act on information that you don't have.

I appreciate Razorfist making this good-faith effort to reach out like this. It should've been done, regardless of the result. Empire, as a phenomenon, starts with the idea gaslighting those it makes into its Thralls; they repeat this abuse down the line. The freakouts we see are that phenomenon playing out on the mass scale and I expect that they will continue primarily as media-provoked hoaxes with provacatuers playing roles at times to support the false narratives going forward.

As of this post, President-Elect Trump makes announcements of Cabinent positions that confirm his Nationalist positions during the campaign. He is already whipping the incoming House and Senate majorities into line, so I expect that his appointments will be confirmed and his legislative agenda will move swiftly through Congress come January. We'll soon see if we have a legit counter-attack against Empire in the United States or not, but all signs right now are good. First Brexit, now Trump, and hopefully the nationalist wave continues with France and Le Pen early next year.

Nothing other than God can live forever. Empire, being an abomination, can only sustain itself in this parasitic manner for so long before it too finally meets its end. At this time, I am cautiously hopeful that Empire will fall in my lifetime. If so, that becomes a question of how to keep it down indefinitely, which I will give some time to next week.

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