Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Anti-Trump Riots: Subversion By Empire

There is no honor among thieves.

Okay, if you read this blog at all you know where my sentiments lie. Donald Trump is the man I voted for in this election, as I could not allow the known criminal Hillary Clinton to get in. After that I, along with many of you, found that this criminality included confirmed ties to child trafficking rings, pedophilia, Satanism, and the conspiracies to cover these abuses upon innocents up lest she be (rightly) executed as a traitor.

So, when Trump proved that he understood well what the game of the Electoral College was and how to win it this past Tuesday, a reaction to his disruption of Pedo Hillary's triumphalist narrative in the media had to be coming. Now it's coming together. First we had the petition begging the Electors to defect from their pledges--including paying any fines--come up with plenty of signatures (of questionable nature). Second we have all these riots (in pro-Hillary cities) erupt suddenly, and with uncanny speed of mobilization. With this realization, backed up by multiple posting by known Soros fronts for hiring protestors as mercenaries.

Now we see the final link: this is a Soros operation, following the proven Color Revolution scheme hammered out in Eastern Europe and the Middle-East. Once more, the war abroad comes home to the operations center of Empire: the United States. George Soros financially supports a series of front operations intended to subvert the American Nation and our Republic, making Soros an agent of a hostile foreign power. Hillary Clinton is aligned with him, making her also an agent of a hostile foreign power; the same is true of all operatives in the front organizations.

Soros and Clinton are guilty of sedition by doing this. Clinton is also guilty of treason by her participation.

Arrest Soros and Clinton. Upon conviction, they should be immediately and summarily executed. Soros faces execution as a spy, and Clinton as a traitor. Follow through, and make public examples of these villains. Empire must be beaten to death, one Thrall at a time.

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