Sunday, January 8, 2017

Administration: We're Picking Up The Pace

It's time for a change here.

It's a simple and easy one to say, but it's a far bigger one to comprehend. In short, I'm ceasing the practice of only posting here on Sundays. I'm now going to post here whenever I find it relevant and useful to do so, and man has it become necessary to do this. The pace increased, and I've got to pick it up just to not get run over.

So expect more than one post in a week going forward. Further, expect more serial posting, where I spread an exploration or an argument across multiple posts. As such, I'm going to reduce such posts on my main blog accordingly and redirect that attention here.

Yeah, not much to say in this post, but that's fine. I can run my mouth at length later. Sometimes, brevity is appropriate.

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