Sunday, January 29, 2017

Empire Forbids Borders: All Within It, None Without It

A nation without borders is not a nation.

As I write this, President Trump (affectionately, "The God-Emperor") issued Executive Orders implementing a series of restrictions upon the travel of foreigners into the United States. The hoaxing media focuses on the restriction on visa from five Muslim countries, and the ACLU's crowing on obtaining an emergency stay on it (which I will talk about below), omits details inconvenient to their narrative.

Yep, that's right: this is the God-Emperor repurposing Obama's own policies--intended to foster the current Muslim invasion of the West on behalf of Empire--towards the end of protecting and reinforcing the sovereignty of the United States of America, and through it to that of the several States in this federal republic. As a political act, this is an act of civic patriotism and not nationalism per se; it will, in time, build the foundation for protecting the American nation once more. In short, this is necessary, but not sufficient work to put down Empire.

Every nation, if it is to survive and thrive must establish its boundaries and defend them against all comers. As individuals must do, so must the nations. Instead of homesteads, nations found countries, but the principles are the same and so is their execution. Therefore, the God-Emperor (acting as a metaphorical patriarch) has the duty (and therefore the right) to determine who can or cannot come into the country- and this fact is recognized in the U.S. Code:

Which means that the ACLU's crowing about that stay order means precisely jack and shit on two levels. Not only is the order illegal (as that quote shows, the POTUS has the power), but the courts have no enforcement power of their own and instead rely on the Executive to comply; the God-Emperor is within his rights to refuse, and only Congress (via their power over the purse) has any real ability to do anything about it- and they won't right now.

The freakout reaction is telling as to how deep the corruption of Empire is in the West, as the Thralls in the hoaxing media across the West got in on the act. What this means is very simple: the education and media establishments have flat-out lied not only to the American nation (and those of other nations holding citizenship), but to all the nations that they control via the governments and media institutions that they hold.

The freakouts are denying the right to self-defense by a country by their actions.

Aliens and foreigners do not have a right to be anywhere that they do not belong, and that especially includes countries belonging to other nations. We call the attempt to do so, rightly, "invasion" and the successful attempt "conquest"- and immigration always means invasion, as our past shows with vivid detail.

The Muslim invasion of Europe, and now into North America, Australia, and New Zealand--aided and abetted by the Thralls in government and the media betraying their own nations to serve Empire--is a real threat that must be dealt with if Empire is to fall. We must have our borders, our fences, our walls--literal and otherwise--for our own safety and prosperity. Insisting otherwise is abuse, recognized for individuals but not for nations, and that is Empire's tell: like any predator, it prefers easy prey, and gaslighting prey into not defending itself is to be expected.

I will not tolerate this. Build the wall, God-Emperor. Ban the predators seeking to come into our land, and get rid of all those already here- no exceptions, and ensure that they are permanently removed. The road is long, but the will is here- Empire will fall.

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