Sunday, January 22, 2017

The God-Emperor Ascends and Chaos Erupts in Rage

As I write this, Donald Trump just became the 45th President of the United States. I'd like to mock the freakout reactions of people whose egos are still bleeding profusing over this fact, but that's not appropriate because those freakouts are now going beyond merely destroying cars and trucks in the street while rioting (and attacking the police attempting to contain and disperse them) and moving to assaulting people with specific intent to main, cripple, or kill the target.

Two incidents in particular got my attention. The first was Richard Spenser getting sucker-punched by an Antifa zealot who, thanks to those glorious bastards at /pol/, got outed as a literal shit-eating cuckold. The second was the man who came to attend Milo Yiannopoulos's event at the University of Washington at Seattle, and his shooting by an Antifa protestor. The reason these two incidents got my attention is that this showed that the SJWs aren't merely on the losing side of an election contest, but that they're handling it worse than petulant toddlers.

While I am grateful that some of these people are being arrested, so far I have yet to see criminal charges being filed. As many of these riots happen in places where SJWs and their fellow travelers are already in government, and it is known that local police forces--however much they may dislike it--won't risk their jobs or pensions if said SJWs won't let them properly enforce criminal statues, it's not surprising that these incidents only occur where the rabbit warren remains intact.

These are the notable incidents. There are others, such as those assaulted--even injured--the night before at the Deploraball. Property stolen (however minor), people assaulted, people battered, property damaged or destroyed- all of this, coupled with the demonstrated incapacity of local governments to either arrest or prosecute offenders contributes to the mood of chaos that undermines civil order. This is not a good thing. This is not desirable.

Instead, what it means is that both continuation and escalation--remember, someone got shot--are on the table, and both of these are coming from the "love and tolerance" liars and hypocrites on the Left. By their deeds, they reveal that their "love" and "tolerance" is as false as everything they claim to believe but never practice when put to it- it's just more fraudulent virtue-signalling, meant to garner and wield power at the Moral Level, where culture matters most. Yet, under the justification of "NAZI!" they claim it proper to do violence to those who are not them.

This won't end well for them.

First, because it will not work on the ostensible target (President Trump and his Administration), and increasingly so to his supporters. Next, because if they won't disavow their violent allies more and more of the rest of us will accept that silence as agreement and react to them accordingly out of rational self-defense. Finally, if the government--local, state, and Federal--doesn't start doing their job and leave it to the people themselves the violence will escalate until it is past the point of no return and civil war is upon us once more.

The Left, quite frankly, needs to learn how to lose gracefully. It's not like they don't know what the long game is--the "March Through the Institutions" shows that--but rather that they keep pulling Starscream-like own-goals. This is "Megatron has gone to the bathroom. I AM NOW THE LEADER OF THE DECEPTICONS!" levels of stupid, and its making otherwise disinterested people take a second look and see how right Trump is to not give them an inch.

I sympathize with people such as the U.K.'s Sargon of Akkad, and his distaste for identity politics and extreme politics in favor of reasoned dialog and dialectical ends meant to resolve contradictions in positions so that all parties concerned get their needs met and concerns heeded. I think that this won't happen, and I have a long childhood of painful experience informing me, that it won't happen because the same SJWs now responsible for this violence DO NOT WANT reasoned dialog. They want power, dominance, and control- total and absolute. How they get it does not matter, and this desire's become an obsession that's deranged and unhinged their subculture utterly. Sanity has abandoned them, and I cannot help but feel pity for them accordingly. I'd rather talk honestly than the alternative, but better an honest war than a fraudulent peace.

So, I'm about done with this post. I can't say anything more at this time that I find useful or relevant, so I'm closing it out with a Stefan Molyneux video and a pity Tweet pic.

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