Sunday, May 28, 2017

Brilliance in Rhetoric: #OrcPosting

I started seeing stuff like this over my Twitter feed this weekend, and goddamn is it glorious and brilliant.

If you want more, you know what to do: search Twitter under #OrcPosting and enjoy the hilarity.

This is brilliant and effective rhetoric in action, as the Supreme Dark Lord noted previously. There's nothing difficult to grasp here: it's using pics from the various Middle Earth films, captioned with pro-Globalist SocJus propaganda (i.e. pro-Empire) with words swapped to show just how stupid, racist, and discivic that fraudulent ideology really is- and these memes are far superior at doing what the pro-SJW memers do, which makes the rhetoric doubly-effective upon the audience.

And the best part? The aforementioned Thralls of Empire have no defense against it. They can try to cite Tolkien's letters and other peripheral works, but it will fall on deaf ears and the smarter ones know it. I know what some of the bolder ones will try to do, but we have our counter ready: READ! ANOTHER! BOOK!. Again, the smarter Thralls know this and therefore will just say to let this blow over.

Fat fucking chance. We'll make the Hoaxing Media cover this as a legit story, just like we did for Kekistan, and then apply the pattern to something else just as powerful in terms of culture. We'll meme them to death, and then meme their memory to death. Empire will fall.

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