Sunday, June 4, 2017

Never Surrender Your Ability to Resist

There are times when someone else beats me to the punch and says what's on my mind better than I can. Today is one of those occasions, and the man is Ivan Throne, with his essay from January 3rd of this year: "Rifles in the Dark". What I say below presumes that you read it.

No, seriously, read it. This man deserves his reputation for intelligence and ruthlessness.

The distrust of the State, even when it is currently being used to your benefit, is justified. One need only be competent in the study of history to see that this is true. Far more often than not, the State is a tool of Empire. It is rare that this is not the case, and it is reliable to see when Empire consumes a State: when the size of the State exceeds the capacity of the Nation to keep it in check by force and culture (i.e. when the line between the people and the government is hard and fast, such that government is a subculture to itself).

So the capacity to resist, and destroy, the State must be maintained at all times. The will, the skill, and the drill are all part of that capacity; one must maintain the mindset to resist and destroy, the knowledge and practice to do so, and the tools--the weapons especially--to do so. For we Americans, this fundamental fact is explicitly preserved in the U.S. Constitution (however degraded that may be now), and as such we have a culture and tradition backing it. Other nations differ, and the quality of their cultures reflects the presence of this truth therein. But empires--being Thralls of Empire--always explicitly attack it and seek to render all nations under their heel weak by disarmament. Throne's right, and he's right because he's just giving voice to the lessons of history.

Europe's seeing this first-hand, repeating the errors of the past, because Empire demands it of its Thralls therein. These traitors threw open the gates and allowed the orcs into the West. They cover for the orcs' predations, and prey upon the Men of the West in turn. With knives at our backs and spears at our chests, it is no wonder many feel pressed upon. Yet once we see whom to act upon first, and how, the answers to "where, when, why, and to whom" will fall into place and rapidly occur. (We're beginning to see early efforts now, such as the Safe Streets Project- an effort Throne is associated with.) Resistance will escalate. This is a Wolf Age; get ready or get eaten.

Empire--and, consequently, empires--must fall. It's the only way for Mankind and Civilization to survive.

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