Sunday, June 25, 2017

Behold the Power of Not Caring: Sargon, Sark the Shark, & VidCon 2017

File this under "It Cain't Rain All The Time".

VidCon just wrapped up. Lots of folks I follow on YouTube and Twitter attended. One of them is Sargon of Akkad. He, and a lot of others who are major shitlords (Shadilay, my dudes and dudettes!) decided to attend a panel wherein SocJus conjob Anita Sarkeesian sat on the panel. They sat in the front of the mostly-empty hall, played nice, and nothing was going to happen until Anita recognized Sargon and decided to call him a "garbage human" to his face.

If you know SJWs, you know the Three Laws: They Lie, They Double-Down, and They Project. If you know the laws, then you know how they operate: weaponized shaming, meant to attack the target's status and use his empathy against him. If you know how they operate, then you know how the shaming attacks start: using any violation of The Narrative as pretext to initiate a Point & Shriek cry that cues the cult to Swarm and Shame.

Sargon knows this. Sargon's fellow shitlords know this. Sargon might as well have said "You just activiated my Trap Card!", because he (and his pals) immediately turned this around. Using Saul Alinsky's own rules against them, Sargon and company held Anita (and VidCon) up to their own professed standards prohibiting harassment.

This was a no-lose situation for Sargon. Either he gets VidCon (a SJW-amenable, if not converged, organization) to enforce their own rules against someone who's pushed this poison, or he exposes VidCon as a corrupt and dishonest organization that plays favorites and uses their rules as weapons to do so- and, therefore, no one should give them time or money ever again. (This, in turn, pries open an opportunity for an Alt-VidCon to rise up in parallel, surpass, and replace VidCon.)

The best part? Even if he's banned for life and no one heeds his exposure of the convention, he still wins! Why? VidCon needs him; Sargon in no way needs VidCon. (Especially if larger players like PewDiePie do heed Sargon and shun VidCon thereafter.) Even if this somehow means YouTube banning Sargon, he still wins. (Indeed, retaliation by ANY social media platform at this time only makes Sargon look better.)

While the Wolf Age will soon make this mode of conflict obsolete, while it remains viable do take note of this example and see in it the lessons: Know Your Enemy, Know Yourself, He Who Cares Least Wins. Sure, Sark the Shark will spin this somehow to shirk the blame and stick it on (and to) Sargon, but there's far too much video evidence to let her get away with it. She's done. End of Line.

She just doesn't know that she's going to de-rez yet.

Well done, Sargon. Short of getting the IRS to bust her for tax fraud, this is a telling blow. If it isn't mortal, it will lead to one that is. Victory for Kekistan!

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