Sunday, October 29, 2017

Success Against Empire: The #AltHero Campaign

The future of Civilization requires that we embrace our strategists and architects. We need them to identify opportunities where Empire is weak, go in there on the offensive, establish a fork that exploits those opportunities and build anew where the weak crumbles and collapses. This is not idle talk. Vox Day, of Castalia House, just concluded a crowd-funding campaign to attack Empire in the realm of (Western) comics books: #AltHero.

The response was phenomenal. What was quite modest in its goals exploded over its month-long campaign period to a final result of about ten times what was requested, and even after the Stretch Goals kept getting revised the result is a comic book project that has the Thralls of Empire in DC and Marvel--those wretched frauds, those SJWs that always lie--assmad beyond all ability to cope.

Vox kept the world abreast via his personal blog, via his man Jeffro Johnson at the Castalia House blog, and live-stream via Periscope (archived at YouTube). Below is the October 28th Darkstream.

Note that he's exhibiting the traits that will lead to success going forward:

  • He came into this with a clear, concise plan.
  • He knows exactly who his enemies are and how to attack them successfully.
  • He made his plan flexible so as to respond to events as they happen- and did so effectively.
  • He had a crew ready to go before the campaign launched.
  • He made the effort to know what he's dealing with and altered plans to account for what he learned.
  • He recruited known players to attract attention when and where he needed it.
  • He didn't rely on an outlet that Empire controlled or could easily intimidated into compliance.

The only thing that he had as a point of failure is that he has to rely on Empire's banks and banking system. This is also the biggest weakness that any resistance against Empire has to cope with at this time, and the first successful alternative to it will explode because (a) it has globally-accepted cash and (b) globally-secure digital transfers that are not globally controlled. (You think this is a pipe dream? You don't know the history of banking; we had this before electricity and lost it in the 18th century.)

Granted, that's a far nit to pick, but if I have to go that far then you know that the man's done it right and done it properly. You should expect as much from a man who's been a regular on the need to build your own platforms for years now- and, by his deeds, shows that he knows what he's talking about (doubly-so due to succeeding so well at it).

The best part? You don't need fantastic resources to do what he did. You'll need some--don't delude yourself--but you can make what he did happen for you on a fraction of what Empire's media whores and useful idiots. And if you don't have them, then you can work your way up to them; this is the man who published SJWs Always Lie and SJWs Always Double-Down, so he knows what Empire is and how to deal with it. I would heed his words, and watch his examples if I wanted to learn how to win against Empire.

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