Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Invasion WILL End

The doomsaying about demographics in the West willfully ignore that these trends can, and have, been suddenly reversed through the use of force. That use of force is already being employed, first by the invaders and the the traitors allied to them, but the Men of the West are now using it themselves.

For now, this use of force in defense of the West is to arrest and deport. It's just putting them on The Bus and telling them to Get The Fuck Out. This is not the only option on the table. The Bullet is still there, waiting to be loaded and fired. Invaders have already resorted to The Bullet to augment their efforts, and their allies threaten to use it on their behalf, but the time for both parties being the only users runs short.

When the Men of the West open fire, it won't be lone wolves or small cells yelling Aloha Snackbar as they shoot up some soft target. It will be organized, autonomous groups using disciplined displays of force to clear out invaders one location at a time. Some will be government agents. Some will be private citizens. All of them will remove the hostile aliens from their presence; those that aren't killed will be thrown on to the bus and deported beyond the wall.

And when it's over, no one will have a damned thing to say about it. The traitors will go when the invaders go, as by then it will be blue-sky clear that they cannot be trusted and therefore must be dealt with as one deals with all traitors. They don't get the merciful option of the bus; they just get the bullet. The Men who survive will be rightly hailed as heroes, and even if they as an individual don't get remembered for generations to come, being part of the cohort that did the deporting will be enough.

Now, to the point: The Bus is the preferable, merciful option. The Bullet is the backup. You don't want The Bullet.

So which way, Alien Invader: The Bus or the Bullet? Because The Men of the West will remove you, one way or the other. You are Thralls of Empire, and Empire Must Fall.

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