Sunday, October 15, 2017

Win The Moral Level & You Win The Culture

By now it is increasingly obvious that the high ground in conflicts is the moral level, and the moral level is found in the culture. Culture is the High Ground, from which all else derives its context, and those who fail to comprehend this will never succeed against those who do. The Thralls of Empire get this, and they always have; it's why they targeted priesthoods in eras past, any they are all over the media now- set the culture, and the politics will follow.

The Cuck Right is so because they don't want to admit that they failed to fight at the level of culture, and have too much invested--in terms of ego--to every admit that they are wrong so they can make the necessary changes. They refuse to adapt and overcome, so they are now the Washington Generals to the Thrall's Globterotters.

That's changing. The start was Gamergate, when a bunch of gamers pushed back--successfully--against the JV Squad of Thralls (the SJWs in that cesspit of suck that is "games journalism") pushing their invasion by concern-trolling via Muh Sexism, Muh Harassment, and all that bullshit. (They're still at it; they learned nothing.) Gamers, taking umbrage at bold-faced lies, told them to get out. They blunted the attack, and ended up wounding Gawker enough for Hulk Hogan to finish it off. Gamer culture endures, and those who witnessed and participated in what some (not seriously) call "The Great Meme War" would go on to apply what they know to follow-up events.

Those events included the Ascension of the God-Emperor (Trump's election) and Brexit. The post-election impact of the Thralls' loss, sourced in part to their losing control over a forced meme (#FakeNews) to their opposition (us), is the first large-scale recognition that the Right has a cohort that comprehends culture and its paramount importance. This is why the alt-media outlets are all under attack. The Thralls know that if they can re-establish media dominance, they can wrest back control of the culture, from which the political domination becomes inevitable.

It doesn't seem like the culture of the West is in play, but the reactions to YouTube channels such as Diversity & Comics, Capt Cummings, Stefan Molyneux, Mike Cernovich, Dave Cullen, The Honey Badgers, and Sargon of Akkad show by deed the acknowledgement of this being the case. But, from my perspective, the most effective for ordinary people is the man known as Vox Day. The reason is due to his creation of the publishing company known as Castalia House.

The purpose of the company was to publish books for audiences heretofore unserved or underserved as a deliberate political decision by those publishers, a decision made to deliberate shape the culture towards the Thralls' master: Empire. I call this "Fork and Replace", because that's what Vox Day did: create a fork in an existing niche (publishing) with the intention to overcome the rivals and replace them as the dominant party therein. It's a plan to build and supercede, not to infiltrate and hollow-out into a vector for spreading mind-poison (which is how Thralls operate, by whatever name).

As the Hard Right continues to follow this strategy, resistance grows; Castalia House's recent comic project, "Alt-Hero", has already raised four times the capital requested via its crowd-funding campaign. The reaction from the Thralls in the comics establishment in the pozzed West indicates that they see this as a very real threat, one that stands a good chance (now that it's gotten a prominent professional on board) of succeeding in publication as it did in fund-raising, so they want to kill this in its crib.

They will fail. They will fail for the same reason that the NFL will bend the knee to the God-Emperor and why Hollywood will throw one of its own after the next to the wolves; the culture slipped out of their grasp, and is now turning (ever so slowly) against them. Not just in the United States, but also elsewhere in the West, and the Thralls know it- hence the increasing political moves to institute thought-policing while unleashing their savage pets upon the West's nations.

It's desperation, but that doesn't mean victory is ours yet. Cornered animals are dangerous, even a frenzied warren of rabid rabbits. Nonetheless, Empire Must Fall. Its existence is defiance of Natural Law and the God that is its source, so fall it must, and the culture is the best option for a mostly-peaceful revival of the West. Civilization is the lawful consequence of obedience to God and his Natural Law.

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