Sunday, November 19, 2017

Man of Interest: Thomas Wictor

Recently, a man by the name of Thomas Wictor came to my attention on Twitter. He is now one of my favorite people. As I am saying so here, instead of my main blog, you can probably deduce why.

This is typical of the man. He routinely posts epic threads on Twitter going into some development either at home or in the Middle East, using media analysis and other skills to ascertain what is actually going on and how it's going down. He is now getting the attention of people like Dinesh D'sousa, which means he's getting attention from mainstream figures.

He says that he does this as a hobby, from home, to keep busy. He also has a background as a journalist, by his own admission, and has had direct experiences on the degeneracy of Hollywood and the entertainment business. He disdains conspiracies and instead often goes with simpler explanations for events such as the recent Las Vegas mass shooting.

If I were to recommend how to make use of this man's perspectives, it would be to compare and contrast with James Corbett in particular and his entire circle in general (the NewsBud/International Forecaster sort). Both men tend to be good about citing sources, where such are open sources, so readers need not rely on the men themselves; they can discern via the sources if Thomas or James has the right of a topic.

And as both men have had threads or videos on the recent shakeup on Saudi Arabia, now is the time to look into Wictor and compare what he says to what Corbett says to see who's the more accurate. It sure as Hell isn't CNN, the BBC, or any other mainstream media outlet- not in the US, nor anywhere else in the West.

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