Sunday, November 5, 2017

Only You Can Protect You. Trust No Gainsaying of God's Law.

No state can protect you from all of the predators that exist. Yet they exist, and it is inevitable that at least one will attempt to prey upon you and yours. Even if the State sincerely desires to protect you, and devotes all its energies honestly and honorably to that end, it cannot succeed. It is a violation of Natural Law. Only you are responsible for your safety.

Therefore, we can safely presume that any attempt to cripple and infantilize the population by dismarming them is really an aim to enable mass predation, first and foremost by the very actors pushing for disarmament. Ivan Throne puts it far more eloquently than I do.

Any law, rule, etc. aimed at forbidding you to possess the means or the tools to fulfill your God-given duty to defend yourself, your property, and your dependents from predation by others is itself a criminal act of fraud. Ignore it, and make yourself capable of doing so anyway. If someone is foolish enough to come after you for doing so, then they are a criminal (and likely a predator) and should be dealt with as such- summarily and permanently.

The sooner the free man deals with these threats to Civilization by Empire, early and often, the better it will be for all of us.

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