Sunday, January 28, 2018

Empire Controls Via Dependency

The Law of Nature is that a people--a nation--that wishes to persist must privilege its own above others. If we don't look out for our own, no one will do it for us. Dragon Award winner Brian Niemeier made it clear in a post at his blog this past week as to how and why this is so.

Empire seeks to undermine this self-sufficiency because it uses dependency to control those it puts into its thrall, be those thralls willing or not. Breaking the souls, minds, hearts, and bodies of subject nations and then "saving" them via some form of assistance or welfare is no different than forcibly addicting a target to narcotics and using that dependency as a whip to control them. The pattern is the same, the process is the same, the motive is the same- and, therefore, so are the results.

Yet no man is an island. We band together in tribes, themselves outgrowths of families, for obvious reasons of necessity. Those reasons did not cease to exist; they are merely masked by the temporally temporary illusion of a life without scarcity or danger- a mask that is far from universal, even in the richest countries in Civilization. The SocJus Death Cult knows this, which is why it wants power and wields it against its enemies.

The cult--a counterfeit for the family--does not seek to do for the common good of the nation. It seeks only its own power and prestige, like a murderous peacock, and its forced dependence is how it yokes others to its will. Below, in this Vox Day podcast, we see how to counter it and that is by organizing our own back into the self-sufficiency families, clans, and tribes we formerly were before we fell into the Satanic lie that is Empire. The core of this effort is the revitalization and promotion of our own cultures, for politics is downstream of culture, and without that will we are done. That means doing as Brian said in his post: looking out for our own, giving them work when we need to do so (our enemies surely do), and otherwise protecting and promoting our own first and foremost. That is nationalism in action.

Either we do this, or we perish from this Earth and Civilization goes with us. Empire Must Fall.

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