Sunday, January 7, 2018

Go Back to (The Electoral) College!

It is no secret that the Social Justice death cult and their masters rely on the out-sized and disproportionate influence of cities to warp entire counties to their will. By importing hostile foreign aliens, and registering them to vote (legally or otherwise), the Thralls of Empire seek to literally choose their voting block by which they gain and hold power in government. They seek to concentrate populations in cities to make them easier to herd about until they can cull them for best effect.

In the United States, this scheme gets mitigated at the Federal level through the Electoral College. While several states have far more Electoral College votes than other, one can contend and win by appealing to the common causes of the many states with lesser such votes than just concentrating on a few states (and thus the key cities in those states) as the Democrats have done for a generation or more. It's so old idea that back in the late 80s and early 90s this came up in Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

(Yes, watch the entire series. You get nuggets of wisdom like that on the regular.)

So, how to counter this? By imposing the Electoral College on the state and local levels, thereby shifting the vote from an easily concentrated (and thus easily rendered dependent) underclass to the land wherein the nation dwells. Ensure that the vote allocation has little or no consideration for population density, and you cut the balls off of the cites (and the dreams of being city-states in all but name).

The natural counter is to spread the underclass out, but that too can be handled by a series of measures to ensure that only those with skin in the game--resident landowners, resident homesteads (and not transients; homeowners, not renters or their absentee landlords), and other people who actually live there and therefore have to face the consequences of government policy immediately. This natural resentment of distant, absent authority will provoke a marked (and revealed) preference for local autonomy and authority over all else.

Why do this? Because those with no skin in the game, but a controlling say in affairs, always turn to robbing the treasury to enrich themselves- usually by buying the votes of those with no stakes to lose to get and keep power. This is exactly what is going on now in most of the West, and often elsewhere with democratic regimes and (near-)universal suffrage.

This must be checked, for the good of Civilization, lest the traitors who threw open the gates drown us in barbarian hordes. No civilization can endure if the cities yoke the countryside as slaves or worse. By replicating the Electoral College at lower levels, the same phenomenon that allows Donald Trump to cut the balls off the cities by rallying "flyover country" en masse to his banner will allow the rural population long overburdened by the cities to do it again and thereafter firmly check future plans to stab the nation in the back. The invasions can be rolled up, legally, and Civilization safeguarded further thereafter.

And the best safeguard begins by restricting suffrage to those with skin in the game, stakes on the table, those with something real and substantial to lose. The Electoral College is this idea proven to work. It needs to be applied down the scope and scale of the countries of the West, and it needs to be applied only to actual people and not legal entities- only to actual dwellers, and not to transients or absentees.

And that's an actionable plan. You can start pushing for it right now, anywhere in the world, modifying the American example as required to suit your specific country's mechanics. Go for it. Empire must fall.

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  1. Bradford,

    It't far worse in Europe where politicians actively want to give immigrants th/e right to vote. Worse is that many of the cities especially the capital cities whether national or regional distort even more the skewing. Most of the cities have 60-70% of the population and where the government and civil services are concentrated. So the countryside/smaller urban centre are simply overwhelmed.
    I do know that reading the local press in various European cities and regions, there's an immense tension as well as seething by the natives over the blase attitude. Worse the native are insulted as racists, xenophobe and the usual vain repetitions that somehow become magical incantations to protect the bien pensants from the deplorables