Sunday, January 14, 2018

Time to Reframe: Time to Require Skin in the Game

Skin in the game.

If there is something that needs hammering, it is this fact: those with no skin in the game, but have power to affect it, reliably screw stakeholders for their own benefit- they are always parasites feeding off the host.

What needs to be done is to cut off the power of those with nothing at stake to have a say in what goes on. Cut them off, shut then out, and put them down. You cannot have a long-term (i.e. multi-generational) society when those who have nothing to lose get a say in how things are done. It's a reliable pattern of degeneracy, decline, and collapse and it has to stop if Civilization is to endure.

So that frame needs to be hammered home. "You have no skin in the game. You're just a tourist, a day-tripper, and not someone with anything to lose. Why should I give you the time of day? This is, by the by, how it used to be across the world; only those with something to lose got a say. We had different thresholds and euphemisms for this, but the mechanism (and thus the result) remained the same. It's not perfect, but it's better than any universalism yet implemented.

Yes, this means lots of people get shut out of decision-making. This is good; most people, as I've learned the hard way, can't do it competently without having something they value at risk if they fuck it up. Best of all, this is actionable; folks that matter will see this as a way of cutting off troublesome and cancerous trends (such as importing a dependent alien nation to wield as a vote block, a.k.a. the High Sparrow Strategy).

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