Sunday, April 8, 2018

Narrative Warfare: QAnon Is Trump's Counter-Warfare Campaign

The real action is going on outside of public view. That's why videos like this are important.

#QAnon is legit. The posts made by the people behind QAnon are showing up in the media, demonstrating that the God-Emperor is doing what he promised. The problem is that what needs to be done cannot be achieved in the open, in large part due to a hostile media that routinely throws developments contrary to Empire's Narrative Warfare down the Memory Hole. (The YouTube shooter turning out to be a Persian Jewess with firm SJW-friendly credentials is just the most recent example, as of this post.)

The other problem is that Trump is against the Deep State. Therefore he has to resort to severe levels of deception to get things done, and as Thomas Wictor points out in many a lengthy Twitter thread he has and uses proven Military Intelligence techniques and operatives to make that happen. The combination means that we don't see him getting things done until it becomes too late to stop it, but the need for Operational Security prevents the ordinary means of keeping the people informed.

That's where QAnon comes into the picture.

This is how the God-Emperor gets the word out. The use of 8chan in this case is an asset; it provides deniability, should things go wrong or circumstances require a change of plans. It also admits by deed where the base of his support actually lies: online, among a net-savvy core willing and able to monitor the qresearch board or the many YouTube accounts that cover QAnon posts and thereby spread the word on what's going on. This undermines Empire's control of the MSM as a Narrative Warfare tool.

It also explains, in part, the SJW-led crackdown on the Internet in the West. Makes it harder to spread the word out of those channels into places where normies can see it, but we're already seeing Alt-Tech start to gain steam in its attempts to work around or outright replace the SJW-converged oompanies. The struggle over who gets control over the Narrative is real, but for Trump to win then Empire must fall.

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