Sunday, April 29, 2018

Frame Game Radio: The Diversity Industry - Starbucks Edition (Part 1)

Remember the post on how Dr. Gender Studies beats Master Plumber? I referred to Frame Game Radio's "Diversity Industry" and what I mention is also known as the "Sharpton Shakedown". Here is Frame Game with the first in a multi-part series on exactly how this scam works, and therefore how Dr. Gender Studies turns that useless degree into wealth, power, and influence via superior status used as a club to beat it out of Master Plumber.

Now do you see how this works? Weaponized empathy, via Narrative Warfare, to guilt-trip victims into paying up. If the trip doesn't do it directly, then the pressure put on them via media manipulation ginning up manufactured outrage wielded like a club to bludgeon the victim into compliance comes next.

It's an optics game, and so long as optics matter this is the field of battle you're on with these criminal hucksters. If, on the other hand, you don't give a shit about optics then you can shut this shit down right quick; the Diversity Industry only works where alternatives to the optics game are difficult or impossible to bring to bear. (You can't do this to Los Zetas or any other successor to Pablo Escobar, for example; they'll just fucking kill you and display your corpse to make an example of you.)

And like any other scam playing the long con, it's really a power play- but a precarious one. As soon as they hit on a target that doesn't care about or otherwise isn't vulnerable to optics, they get crushed good and hard. This scam is fragile and dependent upon a particular set of circumstances that are not universal. If you want this weapon to crash and burn, destroying those circumstances is a key part of making this happen.

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