Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Politics Will Be Handled, So Focus on the Culture Instead

Anonymous Conservative today had a post where he covers a recent Q post on what came out in an interview of Devin Nunes. I'll quote what he did:

We do know that long time associates of Hillary Clinton, including Sidney Blumenthal and another person named I think Corey [sic] Shearer, were actively giving information to the State Department that was somehow making its way to the FBI. This is from two people in the State department who have now publicly come out and said this in major news publications…

“We now know that there was no official intelligence that was used to start this investigation…

As it relates to Mr Comey… The memos that he wrote, the seven memos that he decided to write on president Trump – never wrote memos on any of the other meetings he had with the other President or the AG or anyone else prior to this – four of those were classified – he decided to launder them to a friend who then leaked them to the NY Times. If those memos contain classified information, he purposely did that, he purposely leaked them in order to get a special counsel started after he was fired.

He leaked pieces of these, so we need to figure out exactly what is it that he leaked, who did he give theses memos to, and was it just the friend that leaked them to the NY Times, or were there others, I believe there were others. I think that these Comey Memos were actually given to several people, it contained classified information – the irony is the very thing that Mr Comey cleared Mrs Clinton of.

As a child, I indulged in a common pastime of skipping rocks across a pond. When that stone hit the surface of the water, the impact circles outward until the energy dissipates. Later in school I would learn that there is a natural lag between an impact and the sound of that impact reaching my ears if I'm far enough away. These shockwaves take time to go from point of impact to wherever you are, so there is lag-time between when the deed's done and when the consequences get noticed by you.

Q thinks of this interview as a Mother Of All Bombs sort of thing due to the potency of its impact. However, it will take some time before the shockwave it generates reaches Normieland- with or without SJWs in the MSM running interference and during that time things can and will go on as if nothing happened. Patience is a virtue for this reason, so flipping out over a lack of instant karma doesn't do anyone any favors.

You're not seeing or feeling the crumbling of Empire. It's still too subtle if you're not keeping up on what's going on, only to see them on the news days or weeks later, because the means being used and the method followed prioritizes attention to detail to ensure an iron-clad legal victory. Violence is depreciated in favor of turning Empire's cunning back on itself, trapping Thralls and using their own nature against them to prompt the trapped to turn on their fellows, creating a cascading momentum that--once it becomes noticeable in Normieland--is too great to stop.

So what can you do?

The God-Emperor has the politics well in hand. Focus on the culture instead, as that's where Empire is weak and vulnerable to ordinary people doing their thing- for politics is downstream from culture, so that's where you can influence things most. Dragon Award winner Brian Niemeier talks about this here, and independent author Rawle Nyzani puts the need for that commitment into clear focus with these two posts that you ought to read.

If nothing else, take JD Cowan's advice:

If you don't have the talent or drive for creating then you can promote and push good material. We need more podcasts centered around boosting the overlooked and little known and less about the Hollywood/Trad Pub machine.

My favorite channels and podcasts used to be those that centered on such things, but they always end up dying due to lack of interest. That's why I started Cannon Cruisers as an attempt at discussion of material no one was talking about. If no one's making it then you can make it yourself.

Just do something, even if it's something small.

You can change the culture for the better. Doing that is the strongest thing you can do to make Empire fall. Focus there, and commit.

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