Sunday, June 10, 2018

On the Power of Rhetoric: "Razorfist: Hollywood Was Always Red"

This past week, Razorfist posted a 30 minute video demonstrating that Hollywood was always a Thrall of Empire.

I talked about it on the main blog, but this bears a second post because it does something terribly needed: expose a historical fraud. So much of what we're told is not merely wrong, but a deliberate fraud- a lie promulgated to advance an agenda. In this case, the advancement and maintenance of Communist power in the United States. (Still a threat; the U.S.S.R. is gone and the P.R.C. is so in name only--it's really another Imperial regime--but Communism endures, just under one or another front.)

The Reds (these days the SJWs and fellow travelers) have always understood the power of media and culture as the bedrock of popular power, so they have always moved to seize these first when establishing themselves in a target for conquest. They know, if not in such words, that only a small percentage of people are open to Dialectic reasoning--with its focus on stats, facts, data, etc.--and so they rightly reason that mastering Rhetoric (which is what myth, legend, gossip, etc. do) is the superior form of persuasive power.

You doubt this?

This weekend is the time of the E3 event for the videogame world. Each and every pre-show conference is being streamed live, often with commentary. Pay close attention to what is persuasive and what is not; pay attention to what symbolism is used and to what end- all of it is Rhetoric. What seems to be Dialectic is really Rhetoric, because none of those trivia items has any purchase without the firm reception gained by emotional manipulation. All of that comes out of Hollywood, and far too many in videogames are Reds so you'll see that bullshit getting pushed here and there (and not as well as in the days of Old Hollywood).

Dialectic should be reserved for hammering out the details. Rhetoric is what you need to use to get to that victory and keep it once you got it. Just go talk to campaign managers and political science professors; the competent ones will confirm this to be true, which is why so much of what you see in the media is as much a work as the feuding you see at a professional wrestling event. Learning how to see through that glamor, and break that enchantment, is vital to making Empire fall.

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