Sunday, June 24, 2018

The Thralls of Empire Surge Forth to the Rubicon

Well, this sounds like sane, reasonable and eu-civic speech from a Federal elected official. And by "sane", I mean "full-tilt bozo".

There is only one response that clear communicates the quality of this development.

Look, I could spend long paragraphs full of facts, data, preceding examples, and so on but I know damn well that Dialectic doesn't reach 90% of the population so I'm going to get to the point.

Frank--that's the guy in the video--their parents are the ones that got this bullshit started. That's why it's so bad.

And the real delusion? That this is somehow a thing that only SJWs and their pals get do so, and it won't get out of control.

Yeah, this will end well. So very fucking well. If the lawfare doesn't get them, the real law will: the Law of Nature. And why should we be surprised? The birth--and rebirth--of nations always comes with a price, one paid only in blood, bone, and fire. Why in the hell should this be any different?

Bring it, morons. If you are fortunately, you will only fill the prisons well past capacity. Pray to be fortunate. Because this? This is what a lack of mercy from a lawful people shall feel like if you are not.

Bring it, heretic. We await you on the other side of the Rubicon.

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