Sunday, June 3, 2018

Signs of the Circus Coming to a Close

If you honestly thought otherwise, then you need to adjust your usage to protect your privacy. There is a way around Two-Factor Authentication, amongst other issues.

For most of you, what the popular experts recommend to deal with it will be sufficient. Why? Because the predators that would target you aren't going to be sophisticated enough to use this due to you not being worth the effort to do so. You have to worry about big institutional users such as government agencies; if you get on their radar, you're screwed and need to use other means to remain secure.

The problem going forward is that what it will take to get on the radar will diminish over time. Empire's Thralls are in trouble, and with that trouble comes the deployment of assets to protect them against hostiles- and that means you. As the God-Emperor and his allies rachet up the pain, Empire responds with its Thralls acting out where they find soft targets. You are softer than the God-Emperor or his allies, so they'll come after you because they won't be able to get them.

Be prepared to shift your behaviors and operations accordingly.

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