Sunday, September 16, 2018

Narrative Warfare: And You Will Enforce This How?

The EU voted on something stupid. Razorfist has his take here.

The EU lacks legbreakers. This is very much a matter of "And how many divisions do you command?" followed by "We can make our own central bank, with blackjack and hookers." and finished off with "Fuck your agreements. I didn't sign shit, so fuck off if you don't want to get shivved."

It's literally just a bunch of fucktarded Boomer wankers thinking that words are magic. They haven't been ignored in their lives. Imagine how they'll freak out if they realize that they have to actually do something in meatspace to make it happen. Their predecessors got this; it's why Stalin and Mao and Hitler and many others all made certain to recruit a Praetorian Guard and keep them happy, because those were the legbreakers that did the wetwork when required to maintain compliance and restore it when broken.

Rules exist only when enforced.

If you can ignore an obnoxious rule, do so. If you can resist it, do so. Make them do their own wetwork to enforce shit like this. This is hardly a new idea; what the hell do you think "Stop Snitching" is about? The result of this, on the mass scale, is the end of any imperial overreach- be it by a formal empire or an informal one. Why? Because their claims of sovereignty are bullshit. "Consent" is meaningless when it is coerced; this applies to "society" as much as it does to sex.

I look forward to the collapse of the globe's empires, which is already happening, because the homogeneous nation-states that will come out of them will be far better for the future than any imperial regime ever could be. Empire is of Satan. That is why it must fall.

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