Sunday, September 30, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Why Western Civilization Needs Christianity: Part II

It's been a while since we've had a Voxiversity video. Now we do, and it's Part Two of the importance of Christianity to the West. Might as well put them both here just so we know what this is about.

The result of this? That it's time to end the "Enlightenment" as its core premise--that you can have Western Civilization without Christianity--is now observably proven false.

That realization has consequences, grave consequences, as it also means that a lot of followings from that core premise also have to go if Civilization is to survive. When I described Empire as an all-consuming anti-life entity, this is what I was getting at; there is nothing good that comes of Empire, as Empire is a Satanic force- it might as well be the Adversary. The all-consuming, all-pervasive, totalitarian madness of a force whose very existence is anathema to existence trying to defy reality by enthralling and consuming to stave off the inevitable is what Vox Day's talking about here.

And it has to go, or we do.

It's the Lie of Babylon, the Hubris of the Tower, and if we don't want another cataclysm then we've got to put an end to it here and now. The Thralls of Empire have already told us what their plan is, and what it requires, and why they do what they do; they lie as they believed the lies of that they serve. Empire is Evil, and it must fall- or we'll all be 'rectified'.

(Yes, there was a Darkstream on this topic, which you can find here.)

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