Sunday, September 2, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Weaponized Cult Psychology

This Twitter thread came over my feed yesterday. It explains a lot in clear and simple terms.

To which I said this:

And this:

Why would the Right turn intersectional? Because it wants to win, and once all of the Controlled Opposition gets run out of the scene the new leadership would adopt the strategy because it works and turn the Right into a weaponized cult that can go fight the Left and win. Once that polarization happens, civil war becomes inevitable--and I mean Hutus & Tutsis, Balkan Civil War, Breakup of Yugoslavia sort of war--and it won't be at all contained this time.

And yes, the threat of having to resort to that same weaponized cult mentality in order to continue existing is sufficiently distressing for me to want to find alternatives before it's too late. (And, I fear, it already is.) If nothing else, I dislike the single point of failure that such a centralized system imposes. (Hijack the controller's spot and you hijack the whole thing; it is a rabbit warren/hive mind paradigm.)

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