Sunday, November 11, 2018

Federalism For The Counties: A Practical Reform To Support Subsidiarity

It's time for Federalism to come to the States internally. It is time for as many States as possible to implement an Electoral College.

One county, one vote; state-wide races (including ballot measures) represent the counties' assent or rejection of the candidates, not that of the population at-large. This guarantees that one faction cannot dominate the state from one or more de facto city-states, such as in Illinois or New York. You can do this with Federal offices also, with adjustments as required. (e.g. House races only concern the counties in the district.) 50%+1 should be sufficient to start with, but to guarantee acceptance a super-majority (67%) may be necessary.

The GOP should push through this reform in the states where they have full control while they can. Coupled with reforms to tighten up voter eligibility, it will buy those already-red states more time to get their shit together. If it can be run through in a blue state, then it provides a basis for resistance against (and the eventual overthrow of) imperialist city-centric oligarchs.

This is a practical plan to push subsidiarity, making more of government more responsive to local concerns by tying the local to the bigger picture. State-level federalism is the way we can fix this, for now, while it can still be done. Mob Rule is Empire, Mobs are City Oligarch machines, and Empire Must Fall.

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