Sunday, November 25, 2018

The Supreme Dark Lord: The Moment of Truth

Tonight on the Darkstream Vox Day talked about how the God-Emperor needs to start delivering good and hard on things that matter to common Americans.

He's right. Shit that Trump ran on has not happened yet, and it needs to start happening soon, most important being The Wall and related border issues. Trump has to deliver results where people can see it; this behind-the-scenes shit has to stop and soon or he's going to lose his base of support. Yes, I've heard the excuses for not doing so; it's fucking retarded. Trump's no idiot. He knows that it's not enough to win, but you have to be seen winning for it to count in the eyes of your supporters.

Soon we'll see if the God-Emperor is at his limit or not. While he's able to act, the Nationalists will maintain control. Once he falters, the Ultras time will come, and that's when the mean season begins.

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