Sunday, November 18, 2018

Narrative Warfare: We're Going To See Open Dem-On-Dem Warfare Soon

The Democrat Party will not remain recognizable to those familiar with its post-WW2 coalition much longer. The internal conflicts are coming out into the open, with the "moderate" side being opposed by the "radicals". The former is the extant white/Jew liberals thinking they can turn the U.S. into another Latin American plantation; white elite over a divided brown/black underclass. The latter is the would-be underclass saying "Nuh-uh, cracker" and coming at them for all the marbles.

In short, the Identity Politics afflicting the United States as a whole are even worse within the party pushing it good and hard, and the outcome of this civil war will see how the Dems attempt to implement their overall strategy going forward. The side-effect is that more Dems are showing their ass publicly, as we saw a few days ago when some dumbass Dem in the House decided to use the "We'll nuke the country to own the gun nuts" argument in earnest.

Everyone's favorite anon is right; they really are that stupid. Cunning, but stupid, because they thought Hillary would never lose and even now the impact still reverberates through their thinking,.such as it is.

And I think they're going to get hoisted up their own petard soon. This election aftermath isn't going as the Dems would like, media bullshit to the contrary, so I'm willing to entertain the idea that the fraud going on really is being used to trap the rotters in the act. In short, I would not be surprised if some of those who won a seat in the election never make it to January because they're arrested by the Feds for disqualifying offenses- not just Congressmen, but governors and other offices inferior to that. It wouldn't take many to have a big impact, but it would take that to make one too big to ignore in the media; that's the problem with a lot of folks right now- they rely too much on seeing things in the media to accept that anything happens at all.

The infighting will kickoff good and hard once that hits as every side tries to pass the blame to someone else. The leadership fight in Congress, the influence positions in the media, and so on, will escalate to points we have not seen in a long time; yes, I do think we'll finally see some Dem-on-Dem violence, with Antifa getting the orders to (a) reorganize to conform to the new Narrative, and (b) doing to the "moderates" what they've been doing to GOP targets like Tucker Carlson with the bonus of being clear to draw blood and burn shit down.

The factions will roll on each other, turning State's Evidence to secure the others' conviction in the hopes that proxy violence will be sufficient to remove the competition where street action does not, and those with State power will wield it first and worst on internal targets. Meanwhile, the God-Emperor will roll them up piece by piece, until the criminal element within the party is entirely in custody or destroyed; first he lets them destroy themselves, and then he sweeps up their remains.

But that won't be the end of Identity Politics in America. It will instead be the point where its banishment becomes acknowledged as impossible.

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