Sunday, April 21, 2019

Narrative Warfare: Christendom Is Civilization. Defend It Or Lose Both.

Ivan Throne pinned this to his Twitter page today.

No one assaults the Middle Kingdom like we see being done to Christendom. It is clear what Empire considers a threat, and it's not the latest in a long line of imperial ruling dynasties run out of the Orient.

Like it or not, Christendom is Civilization. The Greco-Roman tradition and the European nations are necessary, but not sufficient, for Civilization; the final point of that trinity, echoing the Trinity, is Christianity itself. Material development, likewise, is a necessary--but not sufficient--requirement for Civilization. You need a vision of the future held by an entire nation and its culture, and that requires hope in a better tomorrow that you may never see; long time preferences develop under Christian influence, and without it we see swiftly how quickly Man--regardless of nation--reverts to the mean (and mean) of his fallen state.

This maps out to pre-Christian kingdoms and empires rarely pass 300 years in a given form before degeneracy and collapse from within or conquest from without. The Chinese get around this by replacing dynastic lines from time to time, justified by the Mandate of Heaven, either in minor forms (within a house) or major forms (when entire dynasties are replaced), and yes I do count the current Commie-in-name-only regime as a major form change. The inability to sustain institutional long time preferences or hope for tomorrow due to a lack of spiritual or philosophical strength permitting it makes this so every single time; as soon as "What about me?" Boomer-style degeneracy arises, that regime is done.

That "It's about me!" short-time preference thinking is Empire's opening into corrupting individuals as well as institutions. Christianity, properly practiced, does away with that wrong idea; scaled up, you get Civilization prospering and Mankind thriving. The Enemy uses blindness to chain and enthrall for that reason; this is why Empire is always evil, and thus Empire must fall.

He Is Risen. Now to defend Christendom and Civilization from the traitors within and the hordes without, and that starts with cleansing our own and repenting of our errors. War is upon us, like it or not, brought by Empire. Deus Vult.

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