Sunday, April 28, 2019

Narrative Warfare: Lawfare Counterattacks

The Thralls of Empire have their own hierarchy. Social Justice Warriors are the goblins of the hierarchy, individually weak and cowardly but dangerous in numbers when whipped up to swarm against unready targets. Some of them are smarter than the average goblin and these act as shot-callers, pointing and shrieking to direct swarms upon targets. Many of them possess institutional positions as a result of Gramsci's Long March, producing poison-pill dispensers like this degenerate academic.

The worst threat they possess is in relying upon the targets' bewilderment at why they're being disemployed, made unemployable, denied access to the system of public and private economy/government recourse, etc. due to SJWs in the media (and their superiors) giving these goblins cover. The means by which these goblins operate is to interfere, successfully or not, with the ordinary affairs of the targets. Specifically by targeting their business/employment affairs. In the law, this is known as "tortious interference" and it is grounds for legal action.

We now have some targets that just last year would've folded faster than Superman on laundry day standing up and fighting back. One of them is North American voice actor Vic Mignogna, who's been the target of a coordinated campaign of such interference and defamation by those who heretofore claimed to be friendly, if not friends, of Mignogna. Lawyer Nick Rekieta began covering this affair, known as #KickVic after the attackers' Twitter hashtag, and a direct consequence of this was Vic retaining legal counsel and beginning a civil suit in Texas against the Texas-based elements of the swarm attacking him.

The usual cheap attempts to silence opposition by complaining to an amenable authority able to fire the target don't work against Rekieta; he owns his law firm, and the SJWs have found out the hard way that complaining to the relevant licensing board results in polite responses to fuck off. Unable to shut up Rekieta by cutting off his income, they fell back on silencing him on social media by successfully getting their allies in Twitter to banhammer him; as of this post, his intern's account--currently being targeted--is how he gets the word out on his livestreams.

The reason for targeting Rekieta was that he was not only effective in spreading the word about Vic's situation to a wider audience, but that he successfully raised funds for Vic's legal action. The SJWs thought that by shutting down Rekieta's Twitter account they would affect the fund-raising efforts; they were wrong. I expect that next will be a go at Rekieta'a YouTube channel, where he does most of the livestreaming; he has an account at Twitch if that goes down, so the swarm will go there next.

Once the word on Vic's legal resistance took off, more suits came forth. Todd Haberkorn has retained the same firm Vic did because the same SJWs going after Vic are now after him, and we now known that tabletop SJWs are going to finally face the music because Frog God Games has done the same. The firm, Beard & Associates, is known for being ruthless; the SJWs--one and all--are in denial as to the severity of their difficulty. They've tried and failed to shut down Beard via complaints as they failed to do with Rekieta, and as the firm (and its members) are low-profile online there's nothing to deplatform.

The goblins are at a loss. This is all they can do to attack the legal efforts resisting them. This is the whole of their playbook, outside of those with Antifa ties, and these SJWs lack such ties. Desperation leads to dangerous action, however, once those in denial manage to face up the to the threat and do something about it that isn't in their usual playbook.

In short, Lawfare works. For now. Use it while you can, and get ready for the alternative when it fails.

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