Sunday, May 19, 2019

It Won't Rain All The Time

It's late, but here I am.

There's something in the wind. This past week's seen unexpected moves by the enemies of Empire, moves that took the Thralls by surprise. Australia's elections put a friend of the God-Emperor into government as Prime Minister. The God-Emperor has begun moving captive invaders to cities held by the Thralls. Italy's government shook out some high-level bad actors.

The cultural end of things aren't looking as good for Empire either. The big franchises, in film and on TV, are faltering; Game of Thrones just hit a sour note as it ended its run, Mouse Wars doubles-down on the dumb by hiring the showrunners that ran GOT into the ground, the Marvel Cinematic Universe's coasting on Endgame has already declined, and aside from John Wick 3 nothing worthwhile has come or will soon come out of Western establishment media.

While the poz is pushing hard into the East, using the usual vectors, resistance remains strong and could be routed before seriously setting in and ruining another part of the planet. It may be irony doing so, but the impending economic issues by the big players--China, notably--may well be what keeps the poz from spreading like the Thralls wish.

On the smaller scale, lawfare counterattacks against SJW point-and-shriek swarms has blunted their effectiveness and exposed the severe incompetence of the common SJW grunt. As these suits progress into discovery, I expect even more revelations on just how stupid they are- and how they rely on mean girl bullshit to get their way. Once exposed, I doubt this script will be used much longer; watch for a severe overhaul in SJW programming of the NPCs they exploit.

Finally, a reminder that the Thralls are demonically oppressed if not possessed. As author and Dragon Award winner Brian Niemeier found out, simply demanding that they confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and that God raised Him from the dead routinely compelled them to shut up and flee like the bitches they are. To which one can only say the following:

And one cannot mention that song without Sabaton's contribution.

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