Sunday, May 5, 2019

Recommendation: Nick Rekieta

I'm making a formal recommendation here: follow Nick Rekieta on Twitter and YouTube.

Nick's one of the lawyers on YouTube that makes videos and does livestreams providing legal commentary on topics of interest. He became interested in the #KickVic controversy, first covering it and then getting involved when he assisted the accused--voice actor Vic Mignogna--in raising the funds required to mount a civil legal effort against the SJWs who initiated the attack.

His value, primarily, is in telling laymen how the law--American law, specifically--works in practice compared to how laymen think it operates. Secondarily is his complete and total animosity to the SJWs making geek media suck harder than a black hole, which often means he's dunking hard on them. We need men like this. First, he tells us how the rules of the game actually work so we can avoid making mistakes. Second, he helps keep up morale by word and deed. This man is valuable and should be supported.

As the situation with Vic Mignogna shows, he's able to step up and make things happen when he's convinced of the need to act. Because of him, Vic has the law firm of Beard Harris Bullock & Hughes at his back. Because of that suit, Frog God Games engaged the same firm to go after the SJWs attacking its man Bill Webb. Beard & associates will find more folks reaching out to them as they mount more successes against SJWs, proving that lawfare works. Nick's role in demonstrating this to us is not to be underestimated.

Naturally the SJWs that know of Nick know of his role in these affairs and seek to silence him. He briefly got punted off Twitter this past week, but because--as usual--the claims were baseless Twitter backed down and restore Nick's account. Even if you don't watch his livestreams, check the summaries that get made from his streams; they often focus on the key points of a given night's stream. He's proven worthy of our support.

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